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  • Upload up to 20  pictures with each article.
  • Remember, this is your story so have fun with it.  We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!
  • We love the fact that you are sharing your advice with us :).  Remember to make the article flavorful and remember the K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple) factor.  Real people want to get advice from REAL people so allow your article mimic your personality!!!

It’s Show and Share time!


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  • You represent that you have been given the authority by each individual depicted or represented in a photograph or story/article to bind such individual to these release terms.

Please post your email with your submissions so we can contact you if we may need to edit any of your submissions. THANKS FOR SHARING :)!

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Having trouble submitting your article? Are you trying to submit a power point or video and facing some difficulties?  No problem!  Email us at contactus@thedaughtersofsarah.com and type in the ‘SUBJECT’ line of your email “NEW ARTICLE FOR WEBSITE” along with your submission.  Please make sure you that you include what section/category of the site you want your submission/post to uploaded to and include the name you want posted along with your article.




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