Forgiveness Reflections of Atonement


Can you forgive me? I’m sorry for my stares and hidden glares

Evil surmising, and hypnotizing others in my wicked ways

Can you forgive me? Matthew 18, did you apply? 

Against the word of God I dare not lie

Do you really believe or is it just pretend? 

Please forgive me if I offend (you again)

Perhaps, I’m perplexed, by the complex

Nature of your desire to talk about other mens’ lives

Wives, or anything else you contrive

Maybe I’ve realized the repercussions, of discussions

That only matter, because they were meant to flatter

A simple mind

Have you acknowledged the ramifications

Or manifestations of persuasions

Leaving abrasions on skin undefiled

I’m sorry, can you forgive me?

Excuse the confident utterance from my lips, 

and the arrogance of my hips

Comes from swaying thru the melodies of the scripts

Tempos so divine, so soothing

I confessed,

My sins, upward

With wisdom and understanding, 

I know that as a child of God I am truly blessed

Can you forgive me?

I hold no grudges Lord, lest I fall short

For I wish my own sins you to abort

Father can you forgive me?

Not my words or vain glory for all to see, 

but of him that was foretold thru prophesy

James Chapter 5, says confess your faults one to another

Have you spoken to your sister or brother?

Did you seek to direct your friendship aright?

Or seek only to prove who had carnal power and might?

Never gonna accept this (this wisdom is not from above), 

but sensual and devilish

Can you forgive me?

Are you still having delusions of my inclusions in the rapture of sin?

Just maybe your hallucinations, frustrations, and petty evaluations

Blinding you to see Christ in me?

Please pay attention

That your mediation, vexation and condemnation, 

cometh from pride and strifeful conversation

Stop, take low before the winds of hate start to blow

Faith without works is dead you see, Can you forgive me?

What happened to prayer, fellowship and exhortation with glee

Can you forgive me?

With patience and meekness I applaud loud and bold

Visions of repentance

Rejoicing in the resurrections of familiar spirits on streets of gold

I’m sorry 

Can you forgive me?

I say with a sigh. To judge or judge not, have you no reply?

Is your hesitation based on the visitation

Of demons, clinging onto your left thigh

Or the hem of your garment dangling by a blue thread?

Bloody hands, lead bands (of men)

Murmuring while marching to a death bed

Can you you forgive me?

What chapter?, what verse? Your evil ways shall be your own curse

Can you forgive me or should I forgive you?

According to the Heavenly Father they both should be true

So, I ask again, Can you forgive me?



I’m sorry

Can you really forgive me?

For you pray that the Lord forgives you too

Spoken word by: Shamarah Israel  



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