Conversation With She…The Old Woman & Me











 Conversation With She…The Old Woman & Me


Some old woman she be calling me

This time it was quite urgent you see

That she got in touch with me right away

That I desperately needed to hear what she had to say

Said she to me / was sorry for all the pain I was going thru

Sympathetic was she to me ya see

Could help it all go away and forget the commandments and live day to day

Her babbling quite unclear, voice familiar from what I could hear

She said to me, something in her tone, chilled me to the bone


Was filled with hurt and anger, so with class she did lack,

Mumbling don’t worry ‘bout ever calling me back

Would always have my number and know exactly where I be at

How dare me try to leave she behind, we are of the same mind

Remembered me from around the way said she to me, I always thought I was better than she

Hello can you hear me now?

Must be a dropped call, sister tripping trying to watch me fall.

Looking to achieve what? Said she

A certain understanding, cleave to a higher calling said me to she

Listen don’t know me I’ve changed said I to she

You must be confusing me with somebody else was she. I’ve changed - life rearranged

I’ve always known you, your just beginning to know yourself, without a clue

Said she to me, the phone call needed to be dismissed, no need to reminisce with she

I was running late you see

Almost forgot the good book, on my way out without a second look was me to she

Refusing to hang up was she, Doorbell rings.

Who is it? I say to she

Damn it’s the old me

That old woman tracked me down, with and without a frown. Two faced without faith

Lord, I’m trying to turn my life around and be ok ….why she come around today?

She pretending to be weak and feeble to convince me to let her stay

Now if I let her in, surely I would pay

With my life, stabbing pains from a knife

Gotta lot of nerve does she, coming back around to check on me

Get the hell out of here, and I started to swerve

In the wrong direction was me, must remember my education in Christ you see

Clarify my edification said me to me

But quick at the lips and looking to deceive me was she

Looked thru the window pain and saw she, I knew who she was and she me

But she was disappointed to see who now I be

Her seduction was real and allure very strong

To battle it out, but for how long, the armour was tight, ready to fight

So on my knees I began to pray, refusing to look her way

I was outside of myself and sore afraid

Begging the Lord for protection and forgiveness for the sins I done made

Then I saw me fighting with she

Then he said to me, get up child she was sent by me to prove thee

So then she / me was given the strength and reborn as a grand sunflower

For she knew not the day nor hour

When he would come with judgement to be found

Regal and tall, eyes all around under and above the ground

Power in the scriptures that day she did learn

But that old woman she vowed to return, to see if together we would burn

She would visit me from time to time, fully determined to come back

Checking me out to determine what I lack

Said she to me

That old woman sobbed as she faded away weak and dying

Ready to go again as I grab my purse and shoes crying

It be a new day for me

May the Lord always help you find the way

Whispered she to me


Spoken word by: Shamarah Israel  


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